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Dear fellow member,

Thank you very much for coming to the events in April. I hope you enjoyed the direct interaction with local artists and professionals. I myself had learnt a lot from the dialogue and reaffirmed the importance of communication and exchange.

The exhibition had come to an end but the Club will go on. Thank you to Clarisse, our project co-ordinator and a group of local art critics including Jeff Leung, Anthony Leung Po Shan, Vivian Ting, Ah Three and Yeung Yang, who have been playing an important part in Collector Club.

Personally, I will be working on Asian Triennial Manchester 14, (Link to the workshop and press conference in Beijing:, and an exchange project between HK and Laznia Contemporary Art Centre in Poland (Link to Laznia: between June to November this year. You might not be able to see me in person but we will continue to provide the exhibition recommendation list every month and reviewing it in Art Appraisal Club. All the information will be sent to you through email and published on Collector Club’s website. I am also planning to arrange some more events like studio visits for you in the next few months, but I would like to know your preferences. A short questionnaire will be sent to all members in the end of May, please kindly let me know your interests.

Exclusive Event- Collector Club Art Walk
Saturday 17th May
– 3:00pm Cedric Maridet’s solo exhibition at Pure Art Foundation
– 3:30pm MAP Office: Private Encounters
– 5:00pm Misguided Tour and Opening Party at Latitude 22n

I left HK for 10 years and it is my first time to attend Art Basel HK. I am curious and excited to check out this legendary art event. Apart from the fair itself, there are a lot of art events, exhibition and open-studios in town.

Collector Club has arranged an exclusive art walk with the support of Artist Pension Trust (APT) on Saturday 17th May. I will be leading a group of 15 guests to visit Cedric Maridet’s solo exhibition at Pure Art Foundation and MAP Office’s open studio. The walk will be ended with a special artist tour: Misguided Tour and an opening party at Latitude 22n. Please kindly find the attachment for details. Space is very limited!

Reservations required by 12th May:

1. For Misguided Tour and Opening Party at Latitude 22n, please RSVP at or call 2501 1303.
Details here: APT Institute at Latitude 22n invite final

2. For Collector Club Art Walk, Please RSVP at, Tel 9125 4426. Limited to 15 guests only.

Collector Club Art Walk Map

Ying Kwok


展覽雖已到尾聲,但收藏家學會仍會繼續運作。感謝我們的項目統籌 Clarisse,與及一群本地藝評人,包括梁展峰、梁寶山、丁穎恩、阿三及楊陽,對收藏家學會一直的貢獻及支持。

往後幾個月,我本人將參與「Asia Triennial Manchester 14」的工作,以下為早前在北京舉行的記者會及工作坊片段連結(;我亦將於今年六月至十一月期間,參與一個香港與波蘭Laznia Contemporary Art Centra的交流計劃(相關資料:。這段時間,我可能未能與大家見面,不過仍會繼續提供每月展覽資訊及在Art Appraisal Club中點評展覽。所有資訊將以電郵發放及上載至本會網站,而我亦正構思其他活動,譬如藝術家工作室探訪,打算於未來幾個月舉行。但我希望先聽聽大家的意見,所以在五尾,大家將會收到一份問卷,屆時請大家填寫及回覆,讓我知道大家所想。

【獨家活動——收藏家學會Art Walk】
– 3:00pm 於Pure Art Foundation 參觀 Cedric Maridet 個人展覽
– 3:30pm 參加MAP office 私人聚會
– 5:00pm 參加Latitude 22n “Misguided Tour”及開幕派對

離港十年,這是我首次參與Art Basel HK,我既好奇又急不及待想到這傳奇的藝術盛會看看。除了藝展本身,市內亦有很多藝術活動、展覽及工作室開放,令人目不暇給!

得到Art Pension Trust(APT)協助,收藏家學會於5月17日安排獨家活動,我將在當天和15位會員一起參觀Cedric Maridey在Pure Art Foundation的個展及MAP Office的工作室開放日。這天的行程將以Latitude 22n 的”Misguided Tour”及開幕派對作結。附件為活動詳情,請各位查看。請注意,名額有限,報名從速!

1. Latitude 22n 的”Misguided Tour”及開幕派對,請電郵
”” 或致電2501 1303報名!
附件: Chi Invite- APT Institute at _Latitude 22n

2. 收藏家學會Art Walk,名額15名。請即電郵”” 或致電9125 4426報名!

Collector Club Art Walk Map


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