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Thank you for joining Collector Club. Having been working as an artist and curator for 13 years, I still have a lots of questions about the art market. I am also curious how other artists make their living solely relying on their practice, and their pathway to success. Due to west Kowloon development and the phenomenal popularity of art fair in HK, I think it’s time for us to look into this.

Starting from the opening of the exhibition in 2014 to the end of Art Basel HK, there will be a series of events involving various art professionals. Through discussions, interviews, and journals, we will be able to learn more and understand more about this ambiguous system.

We are planning to carry out interviews with some existing collectors in the next two months building up towards the exhibition. We will keep you posted with emails.

Kwok Ying

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  1. lchow
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    I guess the other URL is ‘collectorsclub’ with an ‘s’.

  2. Ben chantelle
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    Dear Kwok Ying. When I try to access collector club org.
    W site it was an Amercian w site, I need to go to the
    Chinese w site to assess my membership registration,
    What happen ?

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