Membership Scheme

Photo 1Collector Club membership scheme is a non-permanent scheme. It devised for anyone with an interest in contemporary art and collecting them, and those who wish to know more about art and cultural programme in the city of Hong Kong. Membership fee is equivalent to a minimum charge of urban taxi in Hong Kong. The charge of Hong Kong taxi has always been seen as an indicator of local economic. To a certain extend, it reflects the range of acceptance of general public. Charging a membership fee is a symbolic gesture and the real reason behind is to remind people the cost and effort spent on every single art activity. It is also a mechanism to distinguish people with a real interest in art.

Member can enjoy priority booking and free entry to all events and activities hosted by Collector Club, and there is opportunity to acquire a piece of work from acclaimed Hong Kong artist Lam Tung Pang with subsidy from the Club. More important, members will receive monthly newsletter from Art Appraisal Club. It includes articles contributed by local art professionals on exhibition reviews, and themed article, which will be sent to registered members as monthly newsletter. Selected article will also be published in Art Appraisal Club column in a local lifestyle and culture magazine, City Magazine. All writers are experienced professionals working at the font line. Art Appraisal Club includes: Chan Sai Lok, Anthony Leung Po Shan, Jeff Leung Chin-fung and Yeung Yang. They have kept up with the art developments in Hong Kong, and understand artists’ work in both personal and professional aspects. Through exhibition reviews and themed journals, the group will pick a particular topic for each month. Apart from providing an insider’s information and perspective to interested parties, we want to emphasis the importance of discussion and dialogue among local art critics.

Who should join the Club?

• Artist (art students, emerging artists, established artists)

• Collector (already collecting and wants to start a more substantial collection but haven’t gone through it yet)

• Investor

• Inquisitive people (have disposable income and want to try something new

Membership benefits

• Priority booking and free entry to all events and activities Collector Club hosts

• Monthly newsletter including articles contributed by local art professional on exhibition reviews, up-and-coming star artists and more

• Special membership zone on our website for monthly journal and update on the exhibitions, artists’ progress and art sale of the exhibiting works

• Opportunity to acquire a piece of work from Lam Tung Pang subsidized by Collector Club


Membership fee is equivalent to a minimum charge of urban taxi in Hong Kong, which is HK$20.

The fee will subsidize the operation cost of the club and activities for registered member.

How to join

Simply purchase a membership pack in the vending machine and follow the instruction included in the pack.

Keep up

To keep up to date with the latest news from Collector Club, please visit our website. It’s free, so why not!

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