Art Appraisal Club

Member can have access to monthly journal by Art Appraisal Club. Art Appraisal Club includes articles contributed by local art professionals on exhibition reviews, and themed article, which will be sent to registered members as monthly newsletter. Selected article will also be published in Art Appraisal Club column in a local lifestyle and culture magazine, City Magazine. All writers are experienced professionals working on the font line: Chan Sai Lok, Anthony Leung Po Shan, Jeff Leung Chin-fung, Yeung Yang and Kwok Ying. They have kept up with the art developments in Hong Kong, and understand artists’ work in both personal and professional aspects. Through exhibition reviews and themed journals, the group will pick a particular topic for each month. Apart from providing an insider’s information and perspective to interested parties, we want to emphasis the importance of discussion and dialogue among local art critics.