Take Home and Make Real Priceless in Your Heart by Liu Ding

Take Home and Make Real Priceless in Your Heart by Liu Ding

For Your Information

Liu Ding’s Store was established in the summer of 2008. It is an ongoing conceptual art store that comprises of many series of stores. There are currently two main series of Liu Ding‘s Store: Take Home and Make Real the Priceless In Your Heart that was launched in 2008 and The Utopian Future of Art, Our Reality, launched in 2009.


About Take Home and Make Real the Priceless In Your Heart

In this work, the artist has invented a system to promote himself through art. While offering his unlimited autographed paintings at a low price, and relying on the unique nature of artworks as a commodity, the artist involves the audience as his conspirators. More people own his autographed paintings, the more famous the artist will become and the possibility that the value of the artworks possessed by the buyers go up will be higher. The process of selling his unlimited autographed artworks to more people is also the process of turning himself into a legend.

On the surface, the artist seems to be selling a kind of mass-produced decorative paintings, but it is no longer so important what kind of painting or object he’s offering. It could even be a chalk eraser. Because in this business, what is really being traded is something more imperceptible – a possibility that the artist could become a legend in the future, which is a predictable and yet rather uncertain goal set in the future. In this goal that the artist has set for the work, the buyer and the seller are both tied by a common interest. The paintings made to the artist’s order by Dafencun painters are simply a marker of this shared interest, as well as a symbol and courier for how the artist turns himself into a public figure.

Once the audience buys home this painting, although it was done by the artist, once it is signed by the artist, it’s like buying home a portrait of the artist. The owner of this painting would look forward to the day when the artist becomes a household name, the customer could proudly announce that he owns a “portrait” of the artist. In this aspect, the stylistic quality of the painting is merely an added value to this particular commodity.

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